We can get your product ready, or we can help with part of your production according to your needs. Through us, you get help with planning, various stages of production, coating and logistics. Get in touch and let’s see how we can best help you!



Terästarvike has a long tradition in the supply of fasteners. As a result of long-term work, we have established good relationships with Europe’s largest wholesalers, as well as a few high-quality factories in Taiwan. They enable us to supply versatile and high-quality products that meet the standard, as well as demanding and special fastening accessories. The range of our own stock is wide, so many products can be found directly in stock.

When delivering fasteners, we can introduce a shelf service with various options, so that the goods can be delivered directly to where they are needed. We also deliver fasteners packed in small packages or installation bags according to the customer’s needs. Tell us, what would help you?



Would you like to have the components pre-assembled for your production? We can assemble mechanical parts, both small and large. It is possible for us to manufacture the wiring harness, cut the wires to the dimensions you want and connect the connectors to them as needed. From us, you can get the fastening accessories bagged in the small bags as you want.


Comission business

To serve the customer, we also supply other production-related products. It is easier for our customers to buy all their products from one reliable supplier than to break down purchases into dozens or even hundreds of different suppliers. We can handle the purchase of goods, delivery control, transportation and all other work related to purchase, delivery and invoicing on behalf of the customer. If necessary, we look for the best delivery channel for the products you need.

The cooperation can be agreed as broad or narrow as the customer wants. The customer can transfer individual orders or larger entities to us. It is even possible to recycle mere billing through us. The service allows you to focus on your own core competencies, and leave some or even all of your purchases to us.


Our two cars carry both long and small goods every day, mainly in the metropolitan area. Transportation is also possible outside the Helsinki metropolitan area if necessary. With our own cars, we are able to deliver goods on time and quickly to where the need is. In addition to transport, we can bring the goods directly to the shelf (see Shelf Service). Contact us and ask for a quote!