Perforated plates are dampers with holes made by stamping or other working methods. Perforated plates are versatile, durable and easily customizable materials that can be used both outdoors and indoors. Perforated plates are used in industry in air conditioning systems, filtration, sorting and liquid separation, among other things. Perforated sheet metal is also used in construction, for example in wall structures, roofs, protective plates and visors. Perforated panels are also a durable and attractive facade solution.

Perforated plate models

Round and square perforated plates
Patterned and oval perforated plates
Anti-slip plates


Ventilation and air conditioning systems
Separation, sorting, filtration and drying of liquids and other materials
Protective panels, stair railings, visors, wall structures and suspended ceilings
Facades, balcony railings and lighting

Disk sizes

1000 x 2000 mm
1250 x 2500 mm
1500 x 3000 mm
Custom models and sizes

We also supply perforated plates in reels. We deliver standard plate sizes directly from stock, custom models and sizes based on orders.

Black steel
Galvanized steel
Stainless steel
HST acid resistant
Brass – order material
Copper – order material

Perforated plates are durable and versatile solutions

Perforated sheet metal is a versatile product that is suitable for various uses both inside and out. The perforated plates are durable and easy to adapt according to the application and purpose. The price-quality ratio of the product is good. Different materials are at their best in different conditions – if you need help choosing a material, get in touch. Together with the customer, we consider alternatives and offer solid technical experience, our own views and new ideas for material selection. Together we look for the best possible solution for each application and purpose.

Perforated sheet metal is used, among other things, in air-conditioning systems for both liquid separation and filtration. Perforated panels are also an impressive surface material solution that is utilized both in the facades and interiors of buildings.

Our range of perforated plates is very wide – we have more than 500 perforated plate models in our selection. We operate as a reseller of the Danish RMIG in Finland. RMIG is the world’s largest and widest manufacturer of perforated plates. Only the sky is the limit of what we can supply.

Our factories have more than 100 years of experience

Our factories have unparalleled, over 100 years of experience in the industry. Long experience guarantees excellent professionalism and a high-quality technical result. Workers are top experts in their field who know when to sharpen blades and how to straighten the curved plates to the millimeter coming out of the oven.

We work with designers and architects

Perforated panels are widely used in the facades and interiors of buildings. We work with architects and designers; we assist in material selection and jointly consider solution options.

Perforated plates as custom-made

We also work with perforated plates. Ask for a quote. We carry out, among other things, special board sizes, shape cuts, edging and bending. Special perforations, patterning, board painting and other surface treatments are also possible with solid experience.

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