Grilles and grating solutions are common in the process, paper and construction industries, among others. The gratings can be walkable treatment bridges or drive bridges for vehicles. The gratings are utilized in various ramp and stair solutions as well as spiral staircases. Emergency exit stairs, which are mandatory in all buildings, are usually made of grating.

Our products are high quality and durable. Quality control has been taken care of – the gratings are CE approved. Our Dutch-German factory has 30 years of experience in the field and the gratings are manufactured in Europe.


Metal steps for outdoor and indoor use. The steps are made of press welded grating. At the front edge of the step there is a sliding safety strip, which improves the grip and safety of the stairs. There is a choice of materials for the steps, the steps are available in galvanized, black steel, stainless steel and acid-resistant. Our selection includes a wide range of different step solutions – in addition to stock products, we also manufacture stair solutions according to dimensions.

Made of press welded grating
There is a non-slip strip at the front of the steps


Galvanized steel
Black steel
Stainless steel
Acid-resisting steel

Staircases are used both outdoors and indoors. We supply steps to various operators in the industry, including the construction, process and paper industries, as well as power plants. The materials of the steps are selected according to the application and purpose. Galvanized and stainless steel are also ideal for outdoor applications.

Straight stairs and Spiral stairs

We supply both straight stairs and spiral staircases. A spiral staircase is a quick and cost-effective option when the space of the staircase is limited. The spiral staircase fits into even a small space and is an excellent solution for a safe emergency exit. Our range of spiral staircases includes stairs for both indoor and outdoor use.

The directions of the spiral staircase

Step that turns to the right – when you grab the handrail with your left hand, the step turns to the right.

Left-handed step – when you grab the handrail with your right hand, the step turns to the left.

Standard stair widths

1600 mm
1800 mm
2000 mm
2200 mm

Safety and non-slip steps

Instead of a normal press-welded grating, the steps can also be made of a safety or non-slip safety grating. These steps improve occupational safety and prevent accidents at work.

The safety grille has a denser mesh size than a normal press-welded grille. The denser spacing of the steels prevents, among other things, tools from falling and accidents caused by them. The surface of the anti-slip grille, on the other hand, is toothed, so it is more durable than other gratings. The anti-slip grille is utilized in slippery conditions and in places where the steps may be exposed to oil, soap or ice, among other things.

Handrail solutions

We offer a complete staircase solution: in addition to steps and stairs, we also supply railings and all the necessary fasteners and accessories. In railing solutions, for example, perforated plates can be utilized. Perforated panels are durable and impressive railing and protection solutions – railings complete the staircase and affect the safety of the staircase.

Terästarvike Oy – a steel professional

We are a Helsinki-based professional in steels, metals and fasteners. You will always receive expert service from us. We give our customers technical advice and advice on material choices. We also often work with architects and designers.

We are a reliable supplier with fast delivery times. We deliver stock products in 1-5 days, in larger order products and projects delivery times are agreed with the customer separately. Order grilles and steps from us! Contact us and ask for a quote.

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